Learn the Language. Love the Culture.

At Battersea Spanish, we offer award-winning classes, courses and cultural events for Spanish speakers and learners of all levels. We feel that the best way to live and learn a language is by full immersion in the language and culture. This approach has earned us the title of ‘Best Spanish School in London‘ by the Latin UK Awards. Visit our Spanish school in London and immerse yourself in our engaging classes and events. Take a look at all of the exciting Spanish lessons and initiatives offered by Battersea Spanish below.

Courses & Events

Learn Spanish


Food just tastes better in another language! Come try one of our foodie events.

Learn Spanish


Immersion is the fastest way to learn a language, and we make it the most fun!


Learn Spanish


They say your Spanish gets better after the first ‘cerveza’. Give it a try!

Learn Spanish

Dance & Music

Flamenco, Salsa, Tango, we have more moves than Enrique Iglesias, and more tunes than Shakira! 

Learn Spanish


Love the arts? Let us curate your passion with Latin & Spanish flair!