Why Learn Spanish?

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Why Learn Spanish?

Learning Spanish (or any language) can seem daunting at times but trust us when we say learning Spanish is extremely rewarding and fun, which is why we’ve prepared a blog post to (re)open your eyes to all the amazing things about becoming a Spanish linguist!

Why Should I Start Learning Spanish?

Learning a language opens the door to an entirely new culture. Studying languages gives you the necessary tools to understand the elements of that country’s history or culture. Culture is at the core of everyone’s lives and can influence an individual’s values, views, opinions and dreams.

When you first think of Spain, Beautifully played live music, mouth-watering paella or wild bullfights may spring to mind, but Spain is so much more than that! Spanish culture has been heavily influenced by the Celtics and Romans and has now grown to be a vibrant diverse country with intriguing languages, entertaining music, delicious cuisine, rich literature/art and folk traditions. Being immersed in Spanish culture is a great way to develop perspective and understanding of different ways of life. 

If you’ve ever wanted to travel abroad or live in Spain, what better way to kick start your journey than by learning some Spanish basics? Familiarising yourself before you go opens you up to a whole new adventure. Learning common greetings or phrases will definitely get you further and is an essential part of the travelling lifestyle. 

Nowadays, our world is becoming ever more connected and integrated, meaning we are constantly exposed to many diverse cultures and languages. Being able to communicate with new clients and companies in their language is one of the best ways to build a strong and lasting business relationship. 

Similarly, learning languages is great for your future job prospects. Being able to show knowledge in a particular language will definitely put you ahead of other applicants when applying for jobs. A 2017 report by the New American Economy has found that the demand for Bilingual Workers more than doubled in 5 years, hence proving the advantages of studying a second language.


Tips When Learning Spanish

Whilst reading this blog, you might have been thinking “yes learning Spanish seems like fun, but how do I start and what are the best ways for me to learn beginner Spanish?” Well, don’t worry, we have you covered!

When learning any language, try to have someone at hand who knows the language inside and out, whether this be a teacher, a friend or coworker. This can help you practice and get to grips with the new vocabulary and pronunciations. Here at Battersea Spanish, we run a number of different courses from Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate all the way to Upper Intermediate, so no matter what level you’ll be joining us, you can get the experience you need with our experienced Spanish teachers. Search our Beginner Spanish courses to find out whether they are right for you!

Listen and watch how others talk in that language. Listening and repeating what you’ve heard is a great way to memorise and familiarise yourself with a new language. 

Lastly, just remember to have fun and try not to lose sight of why you started studying the language! Break up your textbook learning with listening to some music in the language or watching films in the language. Join us and get a taste of Spanish culture by attending one of our Spanish Flamenco workshops or Spanish film nights. Find out more information about our other events here!

If we’ve convinced you to take up a new language, then why not try learning your hand at Spanish today with us! Contact us at hola@batterseaspanish.com to find out more information.