neon sign in Spanish that reads 'hola' on a brick wall

Why Learn Spanish?

Ben Hope (admin) Battersea, Battersea Spanish

Why Learn Spanish?

neon sign in Spanish that reads 'Hola' on a brick wall

It’s a new decade. Maybe you’ve got your resolutions sorted, or maybe you’re not the resolution type. 

Either way, we reckon if there’s any time to jump on the ‘new year, new you’ bandwagon, it’s at the start of a new decade!

So why not learn a new language? 

And why not make that new language Spanish? 

Take a look at our 5 reasons to learn Spanish this year if you’re sitting on the fence…

Over 20 countries speak Spanish, either as their primary or secondary language. It’s one of the most spoken languages in the world, with over 530 million Spanish speakers globally! 

Battersea Spanish provides award-winning Spanish courses in London for beginners, intermediates, all the way through to conversational classes for advanced speakers. 

There’s something for everyone no matter your experience with the Spanish language. Our groups are small and personal, creating a welcoming atmosphere where you can really immerse yourself in your new language.  

Based in London, Battersea Spanish courses could be the solution to your New Year’s resolution… or lack thereof.  

That is if you’re thinking of learning Spanish…

And here are five reasons why you should get going on a Spanish course this year!

Learn Spanish For Your Health

Numerous studies have shown that learning a foreign language has great health benefits, particularly for your cognitive state. 

Language learning is proven to reduce your chances of developing progressive neurological disorders including dementia.

Working your way through one of our Spanish courses will give you a real brain workout!

Learn Spanish For Your Social Life

Learning a language, particularly in a class environment, is a great opportunity to meet new people. 

As you learn to communicate with new people in a new way, you will establish bonds with other individuals.

In addition to a range of Spanish courses, Battersea Spanish host a variety of events in London including film nights, traditional Spanish dance classes, and tapas evenings, which is a great way of meeting people and forming organic friendships.

Your level of experience doesn’t matter. Whether you need a Spanish course for beginners, or you’re more advanced, our courses and events are welcoming and have small groups, meaning you get the personal feedback and guidance you need. 

Besides, we can’t think of a better place to learn Spanish – either as a beginner or not – than in London, with its diverse range of cultures and languages. It’s a hub of life!

Getting to know other people also makes the journey to learning a language more enjoyable to know you are learning alongside others –  someone else is in your boat.

Learn Spanish For Your World

Speaking of boats, speaking a second language will make your experience of travel to a whole new level.

You will be able to connect with local people in a way that you otherwise wouldn’t. Speaking the native language will grant you access to a deeper understanding of local culture, as well as the experiences that go along with that.

Attending Spanish courses will bring a whole new dimension to your trips to Spain. You will experience an authenticity that makes the learning journey totally worth it. 

Learn Spanish For Your Career

Perhaps you are drawn to the idea of learning a language because of more pragmatic benefits – who can blame you! 

A study found that in 2017, the demand for multilingual employees had more than doubled in five years.

And a more recent study found that individuals who speak more than one language have an increased chance of finding high paying employment. What’s more, salaries of bilingual individuals can be up to 20% higher than those who only speak one language!

Well, if that isn’t incentive to look for that perfect Spanish course in London …

Learn Spanish For Your Soul

Perhaps the practical reasons for learning a language don’t really inspire you. 

Maybe you’re too busy taking life by the horns and enjoying everything for the experience it is, and think that learning a language will take away from that? Well, think again.

Speaking a foreign language will open up the world to you – there’s no doubt about that. But also, it will be an experience in itself, something to tackle. A challenge to accept and one that you and your life experience will be better for.

Research tells us that the reason time seems to pass increasingly fast as we get older is not to do with our age, or health or anything of that sort. Instead, it is to do with the fact that typically as we grow up, our lives become increasingly regulated. 

We get up, we commute, we get to work, we commute, we go home, and so on.

The similarities in our day to day activities are apparently to blame for our days, weeks, and months all merging into one. So, the key must be to change things up, do something different. 

So why not join in with a Spanish course?

Make your 2020 stand out from the crowd and give Battersea Spanish courses a try! 

Learning Spanish seems like a good deal…

Learning a foreign language will improve your brain health, social life, travel, career opportunities, and life experience. You can add a whole new dimension to your life and your language skills. 

Learning to communicate with people in a new language will arm you with a better understanding of your own language, as well as whichever you choose to learn… But, did we mention we think Spanish is one of the best?

Why not check out our Spanish courses for beginners

Our professional, native teachers and small groups at Battersea Spanish mean we have the perfect environment to kick start your New Year with something a little different!