Photo from a plane window capturing the sunset.

Travel Destinations To Practice Your Spanish

Tom Welbourne Battersea, Travel

Travel Destinations To Practice Your Spanish

Photo from a plane window capturing the sunset.

One of the greatest benefits of learning the Spanish language is the sheer amount of countries that speak the language. 

Learning Spanish will truly open up the world to you from Spain to South America. 

You won’t be caught short for a holiday destination! 

With Spanish being the language spoken in over 20 countries, there’s no shortage of travel destinations that allow you to practice the lingo. 

Here’s a list of the places that we think are worth visiting this year if you’re wanting to practice your Spanish. 

But if you’re already tempted by the idea of Spanish, check out the wide range of Spanish courses that we offer, catering for all types of experience and levels! Whether you need a Spanish for beginners course, or something more like our Advanced conversation class, we’ve got you covered! 

After all, what’s better motivation for one of our Spanish courses than reading about all these amazing Spanish speaking destinations…


Capital City: Bogota

Best Time To Visit: The ideal time to visit Colombia is between December and March as it rains the least during these months. Unfortunately, for this reason, these are the peak tourist months so you might need to save your pennies in advance! 

Colombia holds the classic allure of South America, combining brightly coloured buildings with deep green grasslands and clear blue waters. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, take your pick of numerous activities from scuba diving, whale watching or hiking up the Andes. 

If somehow you aren’t captivated by the promise of natural wonders and outdoor pursuits then you can make your way to Bogota. The capital is an up and coming hub of restaurants, artisan hotels and groovy bars – the perfect place to order Tapas!

And if you weren’t already checking flights, it will likely be the coffee that convinces you. Though most of the best beans are exported, you can still find havens in which you can try the fresh stuff.

A colourful street in Colombia.


Capital City: Buenos Aires

Best Time To Visit: You’ll likely find the best deals on flights and accommodation between April and June. However, if you’re after beauty the best time to visit Argentina is between October and November when the jacaranda trees are in full bloom!

Located mostly in the southern half of South America, Lonely Planet describes Argentina as “beautiful, defiant and intense”. 

You can expect the buzz of streetside tango and sidewalk cafes. But also the quiet awe of the snow-peaked Andes and the huge variety of wildlife that inhabit these areas. 

If you’re thinking about food? Think about grills. 

Flame-charred is the go-to from veggies to steaks but you can find that sweet Italian heritage in thin-crust pizza and pasta dishes that are to die for. 

The culture is loud and proud in Argentina and the air is filled with the passion of art, dance and music – which sounds perfect to us! 

So whether you’re a Spanish beginner or know the romantic language intimately, Argentina could be the place for you…


Capital City: Havana

Best Time To Visit: You will find yourself under blue skies enjoying hot and dry days from December through until May. The rainy season begins in June and there’s often a risk of hurricanes between August and October so you might want to steer clear! 

Cuba will bring you the unexpected; it’s often described as a prince in a poor man’s clothing. 

Still recovering from economic strife, the country’s colonial cities haven’t changed much in quite some time. For this reason, the atmosphere is beguiling and yet many buildings are in ruin so the whole experience can be imaginably jarring. 

Cuba is famously stopped in time and you can expect to have to travel so one place to get your meat, another to get your veg, and another for your herbs and spices.

Beyond the buildings though, Cuba is surrounded by white sandy beaches that attract the majority of tourists who visit the area. So rather than gasping in envy when someone you know says they’re going, why not head there yourself and get practising your Spanish language skills!

A photo of a street in Cuba.


Capital City: Mexico City 

Best Time To Visit: Between December and April is Mexico’s dry season and also the cooler time to visit. Though you won’t need to pack too many jackets as the average temperature is still 28 degrees. We wouldn’t mind a bit of sun-bathing in February! 

We couldn’t well explore the best places to practice your Spanish without mentioning Mexico! It’s a huge, diverse destination that holds everything from dense jungle to ancient ruins to mountains to overflowing streets, filled with good food, good people, and great languages!

If your ideal vacation consists of white sandy beaches and towering palm trees then you’ll find your luck in places like Cancun or Los Cabos. 

If you’d rather immerse yourself in the culture, we recommend you make a b-line for Mexico City or Oaxaca City. Perfect your food ordering skills, you’ll need them here…

So, where to? 

What you will find across the board is the incredible food. Dining out is a dreamy concoction of world-class dishes – especially the seafood. 

A common thread of all these destinations is that they are full of hidden gems – we’re already checking the flights! 

Another common thread? The Spanish language. 

Honestly, having the Spanish language in your toolbox sounds like a pretty good deal. 

If learning Spanish is something you’re considering, Battersea Spanish offers Spanish courses based in London that range from beginner through to advanced conversational classes. 

Small class sizes and native-speaking teachers create a welcoming and supportive environment so you can get the best out of your learning experience. 

Battersea Spanish also host events like Tapas evenings and Spanish film nights to encourage you to practice what you’re learning, and meet new people who are learning Spanish too! 

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