The Difference Between The Spanish Lessons

Ben Hope (admin) Battersea Spanish

The Difference Between The Spanish Lessons


If you’re making the incredible decision to join a Spanish course in London, you’ll probably want to know the differences between each of the levels before committing. From Beginner Spanish to Advanced Conversation, we have a fantastic range of courses to help you excel in your language endeavours.

Beginners Spanish

Composed of 3 different levels, this Spanish course in London is perfect for those who may know a few words here and there or have no prior experience at all. In Beginner 1, you’ll learn to introduce yourself and begin to understand how to greet and open conversations. You’ll be able to ask and answer different basic questions or even describe personality traits! 

In Beginner 2, your fully native teacher will begin teaching you how to give and ask the time/date, to talk about daily routines or how to book a room in a hotel. Your ability to navigate around the language will greatly improve – ideal if you’re looking to go on holiday to a Spanish speaking country any time soon!The last of the beginner’s courses, in Beginner 3, your ability to speak and understand the language will continue to improve and by this point, you should be able to give basic opinions. So, next time you go to a Tapas restaurant and someone asks how your meal was, impress them by answering back in Spanish!

Pre-intermediate Spanish

At this level, don’t worry if a significant amount of prompting is still needed when you’re speaking – it’s what your teachers are there for! By this point however, you should be able to thoroughly understand and speak the language, discussing past events and travel experiences or about your biography and that of others (such as famous people!). Perfect if you ever bump into a famous Spanish person (we’re on the lookout for you Penelope Cruz!). 

By the end of your Pre-intermediate course, you’ll be well and truly on your way to mastering the language. At this stage in your studies, you will be able to describe more complex experiences whilst further developing your understanding of tenses and the fundamentals of grammar. 

Now for the exciting part! During Pre-intermediate 3, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new verb tense, combining your existing knowledge of the tenses to speak in a fluent and impressive manner. As well as being able to narrate the plot of a movie, you’ll even be able to describe an incident or accident in the past.

Intermediate & Upper Spanish

The main difference between the pre-intermediate Spanish courses and intermediate is that these courses focus on refining your grammar, expanding your vocabulary and getting your head around those tricky subjunctives. At this stage of your studies, you’ll be able to flexibly navigate around the language, flowing through a large range of complex situations. Want to tell a story to someone in Spanish? Hagamoslo!

Once you make the transition to Intermediate 2, your skills will start to exceed even your own expectations. You’ll finally get a chance to speak casually and between the lines as opposed to using short and direct sentences. Indirectness, passive voice, mitigated speech are just some of the exciting lessons to come during your language journey. 

Now things are really heating up with the Upper-Intermediate conversation course – you won’t be able to stop speaking fluently by the time you reach this level! By improving your debating skills and consolidating all the learned grammatical structures in a combined and organic way, your ability to speak with sheer fluency will be nothing short of impressive.

Advanced Spanish

If you’re looking to join an advanced Spanish course – congratulations, we’re sure you must have worked extremely hard to reach this level and that deserves an applause. At this stage of your studies, you’ll be using out-sourced media such as news, films, podcasts music and more to develop your understanding of the ins and outs of the language.

So there you have it! A complete guide to the different levels of the courses taught at Battersea Spanish. If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the courses further, feel free to give us a call on 02 030 957 382 or drop us an email at