The Best Books For Learning Spanish

Ben Hope (admin) Battersea Spanish

The Best Books For Learning Spanish

All of our learning material is handcrafted by our expert Spanish teachers to ensure you get the most out of your time here learning Spanish.

And while we continually update all of our resources to ensure that they are up to date and always relevant by creating:

  • Tus Herramientas “tool kit” section which will help you to practise key vocab and grammar in class, making your study with us a breeze!
  • FREE resources that are included in your course fee

We know the importance of reading more material via books on the Spanish language are just as important. In this article, we’ve created a selection of Spanish learning books that you can choose from depending on your level for you. 

In no particular order…


Spanish for Beginners

Spanish Learning Books For Beginners

Sometimes you have to go right back to the beginning and join the children’s classes if you’re an adult.

If you’re younger then you’re a couple of steps ahead of everyone else.

Spanish For Beginners by Angela Wilkes

What does the book include?

  • Everyday situations which people may find themselves in abroad
  • Grammar explanations
  • Puzzles to tackle
  • Basic language skills

Why you shouldn’t buy this book?

If you already have a grasp of the Spanish language then you don’t need to start with this book unless you want to refresh your memory with the basics. 

Spanish Learner Level – Beginner

Reviews By Customers:

“My daughter (14 yrs) is homeschooled and really wanted to learn Spanish. I didn’t do it at school so couldn’t really help. This is brilliant and she has found it a massive help, set out really well… A great introduction to Spanish 😃.”



Spanish Learning Books For Intermediate

So, you’re a little ahead of the beginners but not completely fluent?

It’s time for you to pick a few more intermediate Spanish language skills and we have the perfect book for you…

Short Stories In Spanish by Olly Richards

What does the book include:

  • 8 stories in different genres 
  • List of 1,000 most used words
  • Learn conversational expressions
  • Comprehension questions after each chapter

Why you shouldn’t buy this book?

If you’re at the very early stages of learning Spanish then you may want a book that is a little easier on the mind.

Spanish Learner Level – Intermediate

Reviews by customers:

“Well laid out, vocabulary lists very helpful, comprehension tests build your confidence. A valuable learning tool for the beginner level 2 and beyond. Glad I bought it.”



Spanish Learning Book For Advanced

You’re nearly there and you can feel yourself becoming one of the locals. 

To reach full fluency, you need something a bit stronger that will help you converse in Spanish no matter what the topic is.

Palabra Por Palabra by Phil Turk

What does the book include:

  • Ensure extensive vocab coverage
  • Deepen your understanding of word patterns and relationships
  • Deal with unfamiliar words

Why you shouldn’t buy this book?

If you’re a beginner or in the early stages of the intermediate level then you should hold back or maybe keep this book on your bookshelf before delving in. 

Spanish learner level – Advanced

Reviews by customers:

“All the Spanish A level AQA vocabulary in one place. Each topic is split into sections plus there is also extra vocabulary on the literature and film modules and an environment section.”



Bonus Spanish Learning Book

Paul Noble is a very well-known language expert and has published multiple books on learning in multiple languages.

It wouldn’t be fair not to include his book in this recommendation list and his book is a must-have on your bookshelf.

Unlocking Spanish by Paul Noble

What does the book include:

  • Keeping things simple with these 3 basic rules
  • A fun, jargon-free way of learning
  • Easy-to-understand Spanish pronunciation

Why you shouldn’t buy this book?

There aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t buy this book because you can use it as a resource for any stage of learning. 

If you’re at a very advanced stage then you may not find the learning in the book useful for your level.

Spanish learner level – Beginner to Intermediate 

Reviews by customers: “I have tried many methods over the years from audio tapes, one to one tuition and night school. I have even spent months at a time in Spain over many years and managed to learn many hundreds of Spanish words but never mastered speaking in sentences. I am halfway through this teaching aid and can confidently speak and understand all the sentences and paragraphs from the book but even better being able to work in words I already know. I thoroughly recommend this if you have some understanding of the language and need help to string things together.”