The 5 Most Romantic Spots In Spain

Tom Welbourne Battersea, Travel

The 5 Most Romantic Spots In Spain

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and nothing screams love and admiration like a romantic getaway. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love us a romantic holiday. But we also know it’s not all roses, particularly if you’re the planner. 

Sifting through endless trip advisor ratings, cross-referencing photos of your hotel just to make sure it’s deserving of those 2.5 stars – we know the struggle! 

If past experiences have left you doubting whether booking a V-day trip away is worth the hassle, we’ve done at least some of the hard work for you and rounded up the 5 most romantic spots in Spain. 

And we think Spain in February is quite the hidden gem! 

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Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Granada is famous for its medieval architecture. 

Walk hand-in-hand along backstreets that boast “elegance and edginess in equal measure” according to the Guardian’s travel guide

And if you’re feeling invigorated, tackle the hike up to view the Alhambra. Against the backdrop of it’s neighbouring mountain range, you can watch the palace flush pink in the sunset. 

Talk about gorgeous scenes! 


Capital of the Andalusia region, on your trip to Seville you with be met with endless landmarks including the Seville Cathedral and the Plaza de Espana. 

Spend your days hopping from sight to sight, embracing the beauty and falling in love with your surroundings. 

And once you’ve strolled the streets until your heart’s content, you will be transported into a vibrant city centre famous for Flamenco. 

Get caught up in the energy and dance the night away! 


Spain’s capital city Madrid offers an incredible setting for a romantic getaway. 

You can explore tons of galleries and museums, getting a feel for the elegance of the city. Or immerse yourself in a green dream and hop in a boat in Retiro Park. 

To move from day to night, make your way up to one of Madrid’s many rooftop bars. View the city from above as the sun-soaked buildings become lights in the night. 

Not to mention the amazing selection of restaurants. It’s candle-lit corners galore, so take your pick! 

Seriously, we’re falling head over heels just thinking about it. 




Toledo is often described as a fairytale town. Be warned, it’s likely to be love at first sight. 

Imagine a hilltop castle surrounded by peach coloured buildings and snaking cobbled roads – oh yeah, we did warn you. 

The Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes exemplifies the height of Gothic architecture. You can lose yourself walking in and out of endless arches and admiring intricate ceilings alongside your loved one. 





We couldn’t finish up without mentioning Barcelona.

The bohemian vibe of this city exudes love as hoards of couples stroll on the Rambla. Sip wine in the late afternoon and hop from one tapas bar to another embracing all the flavours that Spain has to offer. 

Dreamy, right? There’s more. 

Our top recommendation for a romantic trip to Barcelona is this. 

Head to your nearest grocery store and pack all your picnic necessities and then head to the Bunker del Carmel. This historic site from the Spanish Civil War harbours the best view of the city you’ll find. 

Don’t forget your blankets, those February evenings can get chilly. 

When it comes to trips away, research is everything. We hope this little list of romantic spots in Spain has taken some of the stress out of your search. 

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