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Spanish for beginners – Learn Spanish in London

The best way to learn Spanish

Immersive approach

Learning a second language is incredibly rewarding and allows you to explore over 20 countries with your new skills. Whether you are studying Spanish in group classes or taking private tuition, it takes an investment of time, practice, repetition, and most importantly enjoyment in order to master a language. The more opportunities you have to practice Spanish, the faster you learn. For this reason Battersea Spanish combines Spanish tuition with Spanish Events, Film Nights, Book clubs, and many other ways of immersing yourself in the language.

Small Groups

Group sizes are also incredibly important! The bigger the group, the less time you will have to speak and receive teacher feedback. For this reason we never have over 10 students in a ‘Spanish for beginners’ class.

Highly Qualified Spanish Teachers

Our Spanish courses are taught by Native Spanish Speakers with advanced degrees in teaching and Spanish language. They are equipped to improve your Spanish vocabulary, Spanish Grammar and Spanish Pronunciation. We pride ourselves on providing you with the greatest opportunity for you to express yourself in Spanish and immerse yourself in the language and culture.

The best method to learn Spanish

Our method of teaching utilises both a flipped learning methodology as well as a communicative approach to language acquisition. In practice it means we provide you with Spanish grammar and vocabulary to practice outside of class, so that class time can be spent on your communicative skills. We have developed an online learning platform to further facilitate this.

Never left behind

We understand that busy Londoners struggle to make time to learn, and sometime you might miss a class. We make sure you are never left behind by providing materials, recordings and quizzes via our Online Learning Platform, so that you can stay on top of your studies. And if you need to, the occasional catch-up lesson can be arranged.

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