learn Spanish as a family

Learn Spanish As A Family

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Learn Spanish As A Family

Learning a language can be quite a challenging task to take on, but if you involve your loved ones it can actually turn into a fun, bonding activity.

To learn Spanish as a family is not only a wonderful way to discover the language and its beauty, but it also opens up incredible practice opportunities in your everyday life.

While we aren’t currently able to open up our classroom doors for lessons, you could book your spot ahead of time, so that once lockdown has ended you won’t have to stress about unavailability in our fun, creative Spanish for Kids classes.

The benefits of learning in a classroom are tenfold, particularly for kids. With the stimulation of other kids around and the in-person assistance from tutors, the physical classroom experience is unmatched.

In the meantime, while we’re all remaining home, these are our favourite ways to learn Spanish as a family.


1. Get Inspired By The Classroom

Our creative Spanish classes are perfect to draw some inspiration from. Although learning in a classroom is hugely beneficial and irreplaceable, taking some ideas from how we set out the lessons can be incorporated into your own home-style lesson.

To make these lessons engaging and effective, try adding in some Spanish music. Music is a fantastic way to get the family involved and excited. Find the lyrics, translate their meanings, and see if you can sing along to it together.

Additionally, add in some stuffed animals or colourful toys for kids. By doing this, you help stimulate them and a link will form between the Spanish and the colours or toys.

2. Play Spanish Games

Everyone enjoys a good family games night, except this time bring out the Spanish versions!

If you don’t own any Spanish games you can always use what you already have and just turn it into a Spanish game – whether that’s asking the questions in Spanish, counting, giving clues, or anything of the sort. Just alter it in a way that works for you!

Games are a great interactive learning activity that everyone in the family can get involved in. They keep learning exciting and on the ball, which is handy for maintaining children’s focus.

3. Bake Spanish Goods

Food is a huge part of the Spanish culture and part of that is desserts! If you love baking, this could be a perfect opportunity for an at-home Spanish lesson.

List the ingredients in Spanish, as well as the method. Throughout the baking, the whole family can chat to each other in Spanish and test each other on certain ingredients or other delicacies. This way, you can keep everyone involved and on their toes!

Creating a Spanish pastry is also a wonderful way to immerse yourself and your family into the Spanish culture.

4. Implement Daily Spanish Chats

The three points above include more planned out and organised activities, but you can also choose to go with a more casual approach and invite Spanish dialogue into your family chats every day.

This is definitely a more organic way to learn Spanish as a family and it can still be just as fun as the other ideas. Set your family a goal to have a proper Spanish conversation once a day and if you get to the end of the week successfully, you can all get a reward.

This can become a part of your daily routine and eventually you won’t even realise you’re actually practicing a language!


Make use of these ideas to maintain the energy and excitement when it comes to Spanish, and you’ll be able to learn Spanish as a family with fun, immersive activities that will for sure make the language stick.

Plus, once lockdown ends and learning in the classroom can begin again, you and your family may have the Spanish language down, ready to impress the tutors in our wonderful Spanish for Kids classes. You never know, the whole family might have fallen in love with the language, in which case our amazing Spanish for Beginners courses can cater to the adults too!