Find Your Perfect Course With A Spanish Level Test

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Find Your Perfect Course With A Spanish Level Test

Whether you are looking to refresh your memory or start fresh, our Spanish course caters to any ability, and if you are not sure about what your ability is then our Spanish level test is the perfect way to test your knowledge and find ways to learn or improve your skills! 

So you’ve made the jump to learn Spanish. However, know that you’ve made that jump, you don’t know where to start; this is the perfect way to start your Spanish journey.

Why Should You Take One?

We recommend taking our Spanish test for beginners if you’re looking to get involved with classes but aren’t sure what course your experience aligns with.

If you wish you haven’t a clue on any Spanish, and your only Spanish knowledge stretches to the phrase “ Hola mi amigo!” don’t worry. The Spanish Beginner 1 class is perfect for you. It will take you from the very beginning, giving you the basics and all you need to know if you are starting out.

However, if you can manage the odd phrases such as “Buenos días. ¿Qué tal?”; you may not wish to waste your time refreshing the basics and skip over the phrases you already know. 

By taking our Spanish level test, we can help you find your Spanish level that’s most comfortable for your ability.


What Is Our Spanish Level Test?

Don’t worry, you are not alone if the word “test” is triggering for you. Our Spanish level test is not something that you can fail. It’s simply to help you. 

If, for example, you have any experience or previous knowledge of the Spanish language, we will help you understand where we believe you should be able to learn from. This means you do not waste time and money investing in the content you already know.

The Spanish level test will deem you as one of the below, and from there, depending on your score, it will recommend which course is best suitable for you:

A1- Beginner

A2- Pre-intermediate

B1- Intermediate

B2- Pre Advanced

C1- Advanced

C2- Full fluency

There are other options in which you can watch videos and familiarise yourself with the language. If you are confident in your abilities, feel free to try our Spanish Beginner 2 course.


How Will Taking Our Quick Spanish Level Test Help?

By opting to try our Spanish level test for Beginners, we can help you find where you are at so you can start your Spanish speaking journey comfortable and confident with a group of people at the same ability as you.

Our Spanish level test will help find your Spanish speaking level, and it will help find associated courses catered to you and what you wish to improve, learn about, and perfect.

However, please note there is absolutely no shame in starting from the beginning course as it’s choosing to learn a new language that counts, no matter where you start. By finding your level, our community is very supportive of all abilities and hope that we can help in any which way possible. 

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? 

So what are you waiting for? Vamos! Find your level and start your journey to becoming a fully fluent Spanish speaker today with Battersea Spanish. It’s time to take our Spanish level test!