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MEXICO TRIP: Day of the Dead in Oaxaca and beyond!

MEXICO TRIP: Day of the Dead in Oaxaca and beyond!

  • Start: Saturday, October 27 @ 3:00 pm
  • End: Tuesday, November 6 @ 8:00 am


Sara Caba

Price: £700
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Event Description

  • Comida mexicana

  • Artesanías típicas del día de muertos

  • Mazunte, México.

  • Puebla, México.

  • Edificio de talavera, artesanía típica de Puebla.

  • Ofrenda de frutas y flores para los muertos.

  • Pareja se pasea fuera de la Iglesia de Santo Domingo, en Oaxaca.

  • Cataratas Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca.

  • Pirámides de Teotihuacán.

  • Lucha libre, Ciudad de México.

  • Museo Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo, Ciudad de México.

THIS TRIP IS NOW SOLD OUT. NEXT ADVENTURE: CUBA 2019! Email us to hola@batterseaspanish.com to register your interest before it’s too late!

Every year Battersea Spanish travels abroad in a journey of full linguistic and cultural immersion. We have visited together places such as Madrid, Valencia, Costa Rica, and 2018 takes us to a truly unique destination: Mexico!

We have picked the dates with one very important detail in mind: to be there for the wonderful celebrations of Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). For this purpose we have chosen Oaxaca, the most thrilling and spiritual place in all of Mexico to celebrate this life changing experience.

We will also enjoy the wonders of Mexico City (DF), Puebla, and of course some well-deserved relaxation days at the pristine Pacific beaches of the laid back Oaxacan coast.

We can only take 15 lucky travellers with us, so please book soon, as there is a long list of keen travellers!

The trip welcomes native speakers as well as Spanish learners of level A2 (Pre-Intermediate 1) and above. The experience will be fully in Spanish, so we promise a complete immersion!

The trip includes:

  • an 11-day carefully crafted and designed journey visiting some of Mexico’s best destinations, such as museums, iconic landmarks, natural spots and reserves, markets, beaches, foodies treasures, lucha libre, and more!
  • two dedicated expert Mexican guides accompanying us through out the whole experience, looking after our safety and enjoyment.
  • private minibus and internal flight from Huatulco Oaxaca to Mexico City.
  • all breakfasts, tours and workshops.
  • a full immersion into the vast Mexican culture, and, for Spanish learners, also the exposure to constant opportunities to put your Spanish into action in the real world, and learn lots of new vocabulary (also preparatory materials will be provided).
  • accomodation in exclusive boutique hotels and apartments.
  • an unforgettable journey where we will bond, learn and grow together!

The itinerary
We have carefully designed a journey that will allow you to experience the absolute best of Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca.

DAY 1 (27 oct). MEXICO CITY.
afternoon (3pm): Kick off drinks in Mexico City hotel and moment to meet, greet each other, and toast for the beginning of a wonderful trip!
evening: first of many delicious Mexican dinners!
post dinner: experience the mythical Lucha Libre like a real local!

DAY 2 (28 oct). MEXICO CITY.
morning: visit the world class Museo de Antropología, the largest and most visited museum in Mexico, and start your understanding of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.
afternoon: visit the Castillo de Chapultepec for a stroll in one of Mexico City’s most beautiful gardens and visit the only royal castle in the Americas, built at the time of Viceroyalty, as summer house for the viceroy.

DAY 3 (29 oct). MEXICO CITY.
all day: visit to UNESCO World Heritage Teotihuacán pyramids, a complex of impressive pyramids, set amid what was once Mesoamerica’s greatest city.
dinner-evening: after a day of archeological explorations, we will head to iconic Plaza Garibaldi, the heartland of Mariachis in the world. Let’s enjoy another delicious meal, with some singing, y un tequilita, ¡claro está!

DAY 4 (30 oct). MEXICO CITY.
morning: visit the wonderful and colourful Museo Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo in leafy Coyoacán, and get to know first hand the life of this courageous painter. This will also be our first opportunity to see our first altar de muertos!
early afternoon: visit the other side of this renowned and controversial couple, Diego Rivera’s Museo Anahuacalli. Motivated by his own interest in Mexican culture, Rivera collected nearly 50,000 pre-Hispanic pieces during his life, and projected a building to place and exhibit them.
afternoon: departure in private minibus to Puebla.

DAY 5 (31 oct). PUEBLA & OAXACA.
all day (until early afternoon): discover the breathtakingly beautiful city of Puebla, home of 70 churches in the historic center alone, more than 1000 colonial-era buildings adorned with the Talavera (painted ceramic tiles) for which the city is famous, and a long culinary history that can be explored at any restaurant or food stall.
early afternoon: departure to Oaxaca!
evening: the full immersion into the wonderful Día de Muertos begins. We will visit a traditional “Muerteada” in the iconic Barrio de Jalatlalco in Oaxaca. This is the moment when the celebrations of Día de Muertos commence, and all the locals fill the streets with costumes, candy, music and joy.

DAY 6 (1 nov). OAXACA.
morning: guided visit to Templo de Santo Domingo where a local specialist will unveil all the secret traditions of the place.
lunch and early afternoon: a visit to Oaxaca couldn’t be complete without a cooking class, so we will have our very own cooking workshop, and afterwards we will sit and enjoy together the delicious product of our hard work!
early afternoon: free time to explore, take a siesta or go to the markets for a shopaholic escape!
late evening: by midnight of Día de Muertos tourists sleep, but not us. Our expert local guides will take us to the most sacred place, at the most sacred moment: XOXO panteón at midnight, where we will be at the heart of the celebrations, and will help locals build their altars for the dead, and share with them the treats they prepare to receive them in this special day when they come from the afterlife.

DAY 7 (2 nov). OAXACA.
all day: after two days of full immersion into rituals, colours, sounds and food, we will enjoy a day outside of Oaxaca city exploring its nature and archeological treasures. We will visit the millenary árbol de Tule, the archeological zone of Mitla and will end our day splashing in the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua.

early morning: departure in private minibus to the coastal Oaxacan town of Mazunte, a tropical paradise to unwind!
afternoon: arrival, time for yourself.
evening: dinner in a typical palapa overlooking the wonderful waters of the Pacific Ocean.

morning: free time to sleep, read, walk, dream, or purchase an activity such as surfing, scuba diving, hiking, bungee jumping, or others on offer.
afternoon: visit the Santuario la Escobilla, a grass roots project founded by a community that got together to protect the endangered species of tortuga golfina. Time to give back to Mexico, and get to know a local community.

morning: enjoy the last hours in this tropical paradise!
afternoon: flight from Huatulco airport to Mexico City (flight included in the price).
evening: the last supper of this wonderful trip!

Airport transfers will be arranged for people departing on this date. After a breakfast together, and one last tequilita, ¡por supuesto!

Payments and refunds
We are partnering with a top quality agency in Mexico to execute this trip. They have a strict zero refunds policy, so please make sure of all the details before you book. The only circumstance that would allow for a partial refund is if our Mexican partner recommends against the trip in the rare case of natural disaster or political uprising. If this unlikely situation was to happen, we would be subject to the refund policies of any services contracted at the time of the decision.

Flights and Insurance
One internal flight (Huatulco-Mexico City) is included, but flights to Mexico and from Mexico are not included in the price of this trip, neither is insurance. Please make sure to make arrangements for both. In terms of flights, you can see the different options HERE.

Securing your seat
You can either pay for the deposit or book the whole trip. Please note again that none of the payments are refundable, so make sure to check everything well before booking!

Mexico is a paradise of flavours and has an endless amount of delicious options. We decided to leave this part of the trip in your hands, so you can feast as you see fit! All breakfasts are included, but lunches and dinners are not. However, you can eat like a king in Mexico for very little, so this won’t add much to your bill.

The accomodation
Accomodation is fully included in your price. All the places where we will stay will be in the “Charme” category: small, boutique, unique spaces that exude warmth, quality and charm. The sooner we have all our participants confirmed the best, as this will allow us to secure the best options. The fact that we will be staying in smaller-boutique like accommodations means that all occupancies will be shared with a lovely friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sara Caba

Twelve years ago I left my home country, Costa Rica, to study a Masters Degree in Denmark. It was in Copenhagen that I discovered my passion for teaching my mother tongue. I put ads all over the city and started to teach Spanish as a way to support my studies. I kept teaching after my master ended, and continued to do so in the countries and cities where I lived: Boston, Stockholm and now London. In Boston, I joined The Graduate School of Education at Harvard University to strengthen my knowledge about effective teaching and learning, and here in London I complemented these studies with a graduate course from Goldsmiths University and Instituto Cervantes. I love film, literature and writing. I have short stories published both in Spanish and English.


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