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Costa Rica Immersive Adventure for Spanish learners of All Levels!

Costa Rica Immersive Adventure for Spanish learners of All Levels!

  • Start: October 10, 2016 @ 8:00 am
  • End: October 18, 2016 @ 5:00 pm


Sara Caba

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Event Description

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and interesting Spanish speaking countries in the world. Just a couple of amazing facts: it is as tiny as Denmark and yet it has 5% of the Earth’s biodiversity, and it doesn’t have an army! It is a nature paradise enveloped by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and rich with volcanoes, birds, mountains, beaches, delicious food and incredibly friendly people.

Our Founder Sara, native from Costa Rica, has designed a wonderful 8-day experience for Spanish learners all of levels in which the language will be practiced in context and further by a full immersive experience of all the senses. You will be given preparatory material adapted to your level, and while in Costa Rica you will exercise organic and relaxed vocabulary revisions surrounded by tropical scenery. You will then put all that content into practice in the amazing activities that have been planned and carefully designed for you! This is a trip open to anyone seeking for memorable experiences, and furthering this beautiful language, called ESPAÑOL!

The 8-day adventure will introduce you to the must visit places in Costa Rica, always with a little twist that will allow you to discover facts and experiences far from the mainstream. The Pacific Coast will be rainy during this time of the year, but the wonderful Caribbean will be at its best, and that’s where we’re heading. We will have at all times a personalised guide and private transportation, so the changes from location to location will be smooth. Also, remember a journey is also the beautiful things one sees on the road.

Please scroll down for a detailed itinerary and travel costs. We hope you will join us in this memorable adventure.

Day 1- Monday

  • Arrival in San José
  • Dinner in Tiquicia Restaurant: delicious typical dinner, folkloric dance, breath taking views of all San José
  • Sleep in San José. Costa Verde Inn B&B

Day 2- Tuesday

  • Early morning: departure to Monteverde (approximate duration 3hrs)
  • Lunch: in Monteverde hotel
  • Afternoon: 2-3 hr spectacular nature walk discovering the cloud forest through hanging bridges
  • Pre-dinner: Nature photography workshop
  • Dinner in town
  • Sleep in Monteverde Lodge.

Day 3- Wednesday

  • Early morning: departure to Arenal (approximate duration 4hrs)
  • On the way to Arenal: Coffee Tour & Tasting to understand all the beauties and processes of one of Costa Rica’s best and most important export products, and try mindblowingly good coffee!
  • Lunch on the way to Arenal
  • Early afternoon: arrival to Arenal
  • Afternoon: Bird watching tour or Yoga lesson to unwind
  • Dinner at hotel. All food is grown and processed organically in the ranch where the hotel is.
  • Sleep in Rancho Margot, unique self-sufficient organic ranch in Costa Rica. 

Day 4- Thursday

  • Early morning: Optional sustainability tour of the ranch to understand their eco-friendly system
  • Morning: Adrenaline full Zipline tour with breathtaking views of Arenal volcano OR Horseback riding to take in the beauty of this amazing active volcano
  • Lunch at the hotel
  • Early afternoon: rest, nap, walk around the gorgeous nature on site
  • Late afternoon: proper relaxation at hot springs, with volcano views and amazing cocktails
  • Dinner in La Fortuna, beautiful little town where Arenal is
  • Sleep in Rancho Margot

Day 5- Friday

  • Early morning: departure to Pacuare River (approximate duration 4hrs)
  • Morning: white water rafting that ends up in the hotel (for those who don’t want to join the rafting, they can take a nature walk into the lodge)
  • Lunch at Ríos Tropicales Pacuare Ecolodge
  • Afternoon: relax with the powerful sound of the river, read, sleep, walk in nature, chat in Spanish!
  • Sleep in Ríos Tropicales Pacuare Ecolodge

Day 6- Saturday

  • Morning: Rafting Part II to leave the hotel grounds (or optional walk)
  • Lunch on the way to the beach
  • After lunch: departure to the beach (approximate duration 2hrs)
  • Late afternoon: arrival to the beach: Ah, paradise!
  • Sleep in own accommodation in The Caribbean (we will rent a house or bungalows for the group to experience a community feel in our last days!)
  • Dinner in town with ocean view

Day 7- Sunday

  • Morning: Chill out at the beach
  • Lunch at Selvin’s, iconic Caribbean food establishment
  • Afternoon: Surfing OR Yoga lessons OR Snorkelling Time
  • Dinner at the beach with campfire

Day 8- Monday

  • Morning: Visit to Gandoca -Manzanillo National Refuge. Cultural walk with local guide to find out about nature and the historical use in the region of medicinal plants. Stunning nature and views.
  • Lunch at Maxi’s, ocean view institution in the region and the whole country
  • Afternoon: your own time to chill, surf, read, sleep, swim, and speak Spanish, of course!
  • Late afternoon: private cooking class and dinner in our house to wrap up an unforgettable week together!

Day 9- Tuesday

Morning: End of an amazing and truly memorable trip. Shuttle back to San José (approximate duration 4-5hrs)
We will be in San José around 2pm, but please allow enough time for planning your flight back. You might want to sleep in San José and depart the day after, or book an evening flight. 


As mentioned above, this is not only a fantastic curated cultural experience, but a language learning one. Your Spanish, regardless of the level, will improve because:

  •  you will receive prior to the trip preparatory materials containing information in Spanish and vocabulary exercises for each group activity that will be part of the trip
  •  during the trip there will be daily oral vocabulary recap sessions (in a very relaxed and casual way)
  • the tours will be in Spanish (with English summaries as needed)
  • staff will talk to you in Spanish (we will of course make exceptions as needed)
  • as an optional task you will keep a learning diary in which you will record your impressions of the day. In Spanish, of course!


  • £1500 sleep on your own
  • £1300 share with a friend or love of your life


  • You can pay the separate instalments or order one or more at a time. We highly recommend to secure your space as soon as you can, especially if you are choosing the Sleep on your own option.  If you choose Sleep on your own please first email us at hola@battterseaspanish.com or call us at 07554 685 682.

**Please notice that under no circumstances can we offer a refund (partial or total) of any of the instalments.


There will be no lessons the week we are in Costa Rica (Battersea Spanish National Holiday!) so you won’t miss any autumn term classes for joining this trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

+Are only Battersea Spanish students allowed to join?
+Do I get a refund if I can’t make it in the end?
+What if I don’t want to join an activity planned?
+Will there be vegetarian food options?
+What if I’m afraid of… ?
+Will it rain while we’re there?
+Visas, vaccinations and what to pack?
+Flights and travel insurance?
+Language requirements?
Sara Caba

Costa Rica is my home country. There, I studied Psychology at Universidad de Costa Rica.

Sixteen years ago I left looking to expand my horizons. I went to Copenhagen, where I studied a Master’s degree in Science, Technology and Society at Roskilde Universitet, and stayed four years, collecting work experience as a Spanish teacher and at IBM.

I then moved to Boston, where I gained further experience teaching. I enrolled at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and worked as a Project Officer at Harvard University LASPAU. I then came to London, where I took the Spanish Teaching Certificate from Goldsmiths University and Instituto Cervantes, and became the proud founder of award winning Battersea Spanish.

I love to work, watch films, write, travel and read.


Costa Rica!
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