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Annual Student Flamenco Performance

Annual Student Flamenco Performance

  • Date: Sunday, July 31
  • Time: 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm


Carmen Igarza

Event Description

This performance is a showcase of Battersea Spanish Flamenco students from all levels of skill and is a chance for friends of our community to come together to celebrate the achievements of our amazing dancers.

The show will run in two-parts:
  • Part 1: Performances from students representing each level of courses in the curriculum.
  • Part 2: A professional show featuring London’s top Flamenco talent, including the brilliant dancers and instructors Carmen Igarza and Carlos Otero, guitarist Adrián Solá and percussionist Demi García Sabát.

15:30-16:00 – Doors Open
16:00-17:00 – Student Show
17:00-17:30 – Intermission
17:30-18:20 – Professional show

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The Artists:


Carmen Igarza

Carmen Igarza – Dancer & Instructor

Carmen stems from Albacete, Spain.  As a professional Flamenco Dancer and Instructor, she has performed throughout the UK with Alma Flamenca Company, including the Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham Hippodrome, Dublin Opera House and the Lowry Centre.  She combines traditional Flamenco with a modern interpretation influenced by other dance styles and music, but deeply rooted in the Flamenco tradition.

Juan Carlos Otero, a Flamenco and visual performer at Battersea Spanish

Juan Carlos Otero – Dancer & Instructor

Juan Carlos is a visual artist and Flamenco performer, specialising in conceptual video, sound and performance. Carlos has worked for the last 20 years in London as one of the few male dancers, and since 2013 has also been creating and producing multi-disciplined experimental theatre. His practice revolves around the dichotomies of his dual nationality/ cultural identity and the split between his background in traditional culture and my education in contemporary art.

Adrian Sola

Adrián Solá – Guitar

Flamenco guitar specialist, Adrián Sola has been perfecting his technique to offer a curated repertoire of essential masterpieces from the Flamenco guitar realm, he is also an accomplished and sought-after accompanist for the traditions of dance and singing. Born in Barcelona, showed an early interest in all kinds of music and borrowed his father’s guitar around 12 years old, a hobby at first it became almost a necessity soon after his teenage years to understand how music works in a more rational way, and so, enrolled at The Modern Music School of Badalona to study musical language, harmony, jazz flute and flamenco guitar.

Demi Garcia
Demi García Sabat – Percussion

Originally from Barcelona. London based since 1999. Demi studied at the London College of Music and is currently studying through ArtistWorks with jazz legend Peter Erskine. He works as a freelance percussionist and drummer specialising in Flamenco, Jazz, Arabic, Latin, Iberian Folk, and Pop music. Current projects include: Alec Dankworth & Spanish Accents, Nicolas Meier, Shirley Smart Trio, Martin ‘Youth’ Glover, Mel C, Roots Mash, Tim Garland, Nikki Yeoh, John Etheridge & Vimala Rowe, Black Midi, Blanco White, Tercet, Jose Almarcha, Giles Thornton, Lourdes Fernández Flamenco Company, Ben Hillier, La Típica contemporary Flamenco company, Melange, Hunter Gatherers, The Budapest Cafe Orquestra, La Xula.

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Carmen Igarza

Flamenco TeacherHola! My name is Carmen Igarza and I come from beautiful Albacete in Spain.  I am a professional Flamenco Dancer and Teacher who has been living in London for more than 15 years! As a dancer, I’ve had the privilege of performing around the UK with Alma Flamenca Company, touring major theatres including The Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham Hippodrome, Dublin Opera House and the Lowry Centre. I perform regularly at events and tablaos in London, including Ronnie Scott’s and currently I’m working with a number of dance companies as well as teaching. I like to combine very traditional Flamenco with a modern interpretation influenced by other dance styles and music, but deeply rooted in the Flamenco tradition.  I feel it is important to create a relaxed atmosphere where students are encouraged to express themselves and develop their personal styles through the enjoyment of this beautiful art form. I also love to have a good time with my students, so I look forward to seeing you in Battersea Spanish soon!


The Cockpit
Gateforth St,
London, NW8 8EH United Kingdom
020 7258 2925