Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Level A1

  • Introduce yourself and meet other people.
  • Describe people, objects, places, and weather.and meet other people.
  • Express your likes and dislikes.
  • Talk about your plans and obligations.

Level A2

  • Describe and narrate experiences and events in the past.
  • Give instructions on how to do something.
  • Use polite forms and give advice.
  • Talk about the future.

Level B1

  • Speak of experiences, anecdotes, stories and tales of the past.
  • Express your desires and feelings.
  • Make hypothesis.
  • Review and justify your opinions.

Level B2

  • Participate in discussions.
  • Retell stories using the words others have said.
  • Express conditions that may or may not occur in reality.
  • Complete explanations of tastes, descriptions, and experiences.

Level C1

  • Express yourself with ease, spontaneity and effectively for social, academic and professional scenarios.
  • Make jokes and use the double meaning or irony.
  • Be able to understand a wide variety of discourses: literary texts, films, scholarly articles, television, etc.
  • Produce clear speech, fluent and well structured with a controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors and cohesive devices.

Level C2

  • Take part in any conversation or discussion without effort.
  • Be able to understand with ease virtually everything you hear or read.
  • Use idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms.
  • Express yourself fluently and accurately while conveying nuances.
  • Learn to overcome communication problems with discretion.