Covid-19 Guidance, Terms and Conditions

It is our intention that all of our community members* stay safe while continuing to enjoy the activities they love!
Therefore we are keeping up to date with the UK Government Covid-19 Guidance as well as implementing best practices as seen from other similar businesses. Please read the information below and be aware that it is subject to change as the situation evolves.

*members = students enrolled in course

The following are the precautions that Battersea Spanish will implement to keep members safe:

  • Online Booking to allow for track and trace
  • Requiring members to stay home if unwell
  • Regular hand washing and sanitising requested of all staff and members
  • Cleaning and disinfecting chairs, door handles and surfaces between classes
  • Increased ventilation to improve airflow
  • Forehead thermometers available onsite for temperature checks

Risk scenarios

  1.  If a member is found to have contracted Covid-19 before attending class, we ask that member to not attend for the required isolation period. The member is welcome to arrange catch up lessons to cover the content missed. The teachers can also ask these sessions to be booked at their discretion.
  2.  If a member is found to have contracted Covid-19 and suspects they attended class while having the virus, the entire class will be requested to isolate for the required period and the class will be held using Zoom.
  3. If a teacher contracts Covid-19, and a suitable substitute cannot be found to teach the physical lesson, the entire class will be requested to learn via Zoom during the teacher’s isolation period.
  4. If there is a substantial outbreak of Covid-19 in the centre, and/or in London which requires the curtailing of physical meetings, all courses will be held over Zoom.

Terms and Conditions related to Covid-19

  • No refunds, deferrals or credits will be granted for any cases related to Covid-19. Online learning opportunities will be made available in the scenarios specified above.
  • No refunds, deferrals or credits will be granted due to technology problems. Internet speeds and hardware requirements are the responsibility of each member of the community.
  • Exceptions: Spanish Kids Lessons will be reduced to 1-hour if taken online and a credit for the price difference will be offered toward future lessons.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this in its entirety and for your support in allowing us to operate safely.