Special Flamenco workshops- Castañuelas

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Special Flamenco workshops- Castañuelas

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Course Description

These monthly Special Flamenco workshops are taught from our studios in Battersea by experts in specific flamenco skills. They are designed for dancers of all levels, as an opportunity to expand their knowledge of different elements that are fundamental to enrich the flamenco learning journey.

  • Level 1 & 2 (beginners and improvers) workshops have a duration of 1 hour.
    This hour-long workshop covers the basics for playing castañuelas and is divided into 3 sections: Technique, Theory and Practice. The technique part involves learning hand and arm position for playing as well as exercises to strengthen finger articulation and clarity. The theory section will look at the musical styles where castañuelas is common (regional, classical and Bolero schools), as well as their influence on flamenco. By introducing an example of each of these styles, we will learn a simple pattern in order to play along during the final practice section.
  • Level 3, 4 and 5 (intermediate to advanced) workshops have a duration of 1.5 hours, and are comprised of technique and choreography.
    This 1.5hr workshop will be split into two sections: finger and rhythm technique to cover the basics for playing castañuelas, and a practice session where the techniques are applied to various rhythms. We will focus on learning short sequences to accompany each of the palos in which castañuelas are mostly used: Regional dances (Fandangos), Spanish Classical (Jácaras) and pure Flamenco (Siguiriya).

    Both castañuelas workshops will include learning the oral technique of using the five different tones in Spanish castañuelas: Ri, A, Pi, Ta & Chi to build appropriate patterns for each palo.

You can choose to book one of the upcoming workshops per level, or both dates. They are independent, meaning you can book only one of them, but of course being able to book both will allow you to get a deeper understanding of the special skill taught.

Please note that you must bring your own castañuelas to these workshops. You can find a variety in this link if you need to purchase them. Castañuelas made of fibra (as opposed to wood) are slightly more professional and easier to play. If you want to practice at home without frightening your pets or neighbours, think about buying a silencer also!

We highly recommend that you book a seat as soon as you can in order to avoid disappointment, as our courses fill up very fast!

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Juan Carlos Otero

I graduated in 1994 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, producing painting, conceptual video, sound and performance. I continued developing conceptual work in design, and worked extensively in education but my main artistic output for the past two decades has been as a flamenco dancer and choreographer. Since 2013 I have also been devising multi disciplined experimental theatre. My practice has evolved around the dichotomies of my dual nationality/ cultural identity and the split between my background in traditional culture and my education in contemporary art. For years now I have been trying to create projects that unify my various creative strands. FLAMENCO LIFE DRAWING with BATTERSEA SPANISH is the latest venture, fusing my two main areas of expertise, Fine Art and Flamenco.


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