Pre-Intermediate 1 Spanish Course

  • Tuesdays
  • Time: 19:45 - 21:15
  • Starting: Apr 16th
  • Length: 10 Weeks
  • Price: 250 GBP inc VAT and all materials
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Pre-Intermediate 1 Spanish Course

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Course Discussion

Course Description

Welcome to the next level! By now you should be able to understand and speak Spanish in a wider variety of situations, although you still need significant prompting when speaking. This Spanish course is designed for those students with an average of 45 hours of past study. Through these Spanish lessons you will learn:

  • to consolidate the skills acquired in the beginner levels
  • to speak about recent past events
  • to refer to experiences in your life and react to others’ stories with interest or surprise
  • to talk about previous travel experiences
  • to talk about your biography and that of others, such as famous people (years and dates)
  • to learn how to manage a visit to the doctor and express ailment

This Spanish course spans 15 hours of Spanish study in 10 weeks.

It covers A2.1 in the Common European Framework. See the entire curriculum here to know what comes next!

Think you will miss a class or two? No problem! Through our online platform you can easily catch-up. You can even arrange a catch-up class with your teacher if you would like to. Catch-up classes can be booked HERE.

Learning Spanish in London obviously takes longer than if you were to study abroad, so be sure to supplement your courses with any one of our events that will help you to learn the language and love the culture!

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Noelia Carracedo

¡Buenas! I am Noelia, a Spanish and Italian teacher from Galicia, the greenest corner of Spain! Growing up in a bilingual environment - speaking Galician and Spanish - made me curious about languages for as long as I can remember. I studied Modern Languages at Escuela Oficial de Idiomas in Spain, before gaining a Master's degree in teaching languages at the Università per Stranieri di Reggio Calabria.For me, languages are the instrument for human success and understanding, as well as the link that keeps us in touch with our own culture and helps us discover new ones. They are also a lot of fun! ¡Hasta pronto!


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