Intermediate 2 Spanish Course

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Intermediate 2 Spanish Course

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Course Description

Tired of having to say exactly what you mean in short, direct sentences in Spanish? In Intermediate 2 (B1.2), you finally get the chance to speak between the lines, as well as make those lines a bit longer.  Indirectness, passive voice, mitigated speech, and a bunch of cool connectors are just a taste of the exciting things to come. This is a course for students who have studied the language for well over 100 hours and who are able to understand and speak the language in most situations with very little prompting.  In this amazing Spanish course you will learn:

  • to use the subjunctive with indefinite relative referents (quiero una casa que tenga pisos de madera)
  • to use the subjunctive to express doubts and judgements (no creo que / me parece que, etc)
  • to use indirect style speech (me dijo te que dijera que venía tarde)
  • to use different ways of expressing requests with conditionals and imperatives (revision of Complemento Directo / Complemento Indirecto)
  • to use sentences expressing higher degrees of conditionality
  • to use relative clauses (con la que, con el que, etc)
  • to understand verbs that express transformation such as volverse, ponerse, quedarse, etc

This Spanish course spans 15 hours of Spanish study in 10 weeks.

It covers B1.2 in the Common European Framework. See the entire curriculum here to know what comes next!

Think you will miss a class or two? No problem! Through our online platform you can easily catch-up. You can even arrange a catch-up class with your teacher if you would like to. 

Learning Spanish in London obviously takes longer than if you were to study abroad, so be sure to supplement your courses with any one of our events that will help you to learn the language and love the culture!

Why Learn Spanish With Us? 

At Battersea Spanish, we’re much more than well-structured, bespoke Spanish classes! Our students come to Battersea for a one-of-a-kind experience, where passion, culture and excellent teachers come together to create an amazing learning journey.

We’ve perfected the art of learning Spanish, whether you’re interested in our Beginner classes or are looking for conversation practice to get you back in the swing of things. 

In the centre of Battersea, we’ve cultivated our very own community! Where you can look forward to immersive learning, fun social events, including book clubs and film nights, enjoy our very own on-site Tapas & Wine bar, apply your shiny new Spanish skills on our annual trips to Spain and much more! 

We think of ourselves not just as a Spanish school where you can come and learn - this albeit gorgeous and fun language - but as a cultural centre. We’ve created a beating heart of Spanish culture right here in London, where like-minded people can come and enjoy everything we love about Spain, its people and its culture.

So why not come and join us! 

What sets Battersea Spanish apart: 

  • Native Spanish teachers for all levels 
  • Bespoke course content - we create it ourselves! 
  • Thriving Spanish community 
  • Social events for all learners - including book clubs, film nights & trips abroad
  • On-site Tapas & Wine bar 
  • Immersive classes & a fully accessible student portal

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Our Teachers

All of our teachers are fully qualified and have professional teaching degrees in their fields. They come from all over Spain and Latin America, offering students a diverse and well-rounded learning experience. Check out the profiles of all of our amazing teachers and contributors on the staff page.


  • 263-265 Battersea Park Road
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • 02 030 957 382

About Battersea Spanish School

Battersea Spanish is a Spanish language school and Spanish & Latin Cultural Centre in Southwest London where Londoners can learn the language and immerse themselves in the culture of Spain and Latin America. We offer Spanish Classes for Beginners and all other levels, Dance Classes, including Salsa, Flamenco and other Latin rhythms, as well as lessons for kids of all ages.We also provide tailored private Spanish lessons and Spanish courses for intermediate and more advanced speakers.  We were voted Best Spanish School in the UK by Latin UK Awards.

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