Grammar Workshop- Master the subjunctive!

  • Mondays
  • Time: 19:45 - 21:15
  • Starting: Jul 15th
  • Length: 5 Weeks
  • Price: 125 GBP inc VAT and all materials
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Grammar Workshop- Master the subjunctive!

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Course Description

Mastering the subjunctive requires time, attention, practice, and study! This is why we have designed this 5-session grammar workshop that will help you have a clearer and deeper understanding of the use of this grammatical mood. Through lots of examples and practical exercises, we assure you that by the end of this course you will feel more confident as to why and when you need to say Quiero una casa que sea preciosa, or Quiero una casa que es preciosa, for example!

In order to be able to enrol in this course, you need to have completed at least Intermediate 3 (or B1 level- B2 level low). You will study the use of Present and Past subjunctive. Please note that this is not an introduction to subjunctive course. If you haven't studied the subjunctive yet, we recommend joining our Intermediate 1 course.

Think you will miss a class or two? No problem! Through our online platform you can easily catch-up. You can even arrange a catch-up class with your teacher if you would like to. Catch-up classes can be booked HERE.

Learning Spanish in London obviously takes longer than if you were to study abroad, so be sure to supplement your courses with any one of our events that will help you to learn the language and love the culture!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Camila Merlo

¡Hola! My name is Camila and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have always been passionate about language and literature, which is why I studied Letras at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Teaching my language and transmitting my culture is one of the things that I enjoy the most because it is about creating bonds between people through communication. In my free time, I love going for a walk in a park while drinking mate, playing football with my friends and, of course, watching a good film. Saludos and I look forward to meeting you in Battersea Spanish!


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  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • 020 3095 7382
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