Dance fit! (online or in person)

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Dance fit! (online or in person)

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Course Description

Covid-19 Guidance, Terms and Conditions here (apply to in-person bookings only).

If you love Flamenco and Latin music and want to stay fit, then this is the perfect activity for you! DanceFit is a programme designed to keep you in good shape while dancing to incredible flamenco, Spanish and latin tunes, so you won't even notice that you are exercising hard, but your body and the results will sure take note!

Our team of Latin / Spanish inspired incredible London based fitness instructors will be teaching every evening for you, introducing you to a mix of music and moves that will work all body parts.

Anyone can join these sessions. You can choose to do the sessions online, or book the in person option, that allows you to come to our facilities in Battersea, and also join online when needed/preferred.

You need to wear trainers and comfortable clothes to do these fitness sessions. For Latincore, a mat is also required.

Lessons are available for you to join Monday-Friday. We recommend you do at leats 3 sessions a week to start seeing (with time), the results.

These lessons will continue to be offered year-round on a month by month booking basis. 

If you choose the online option, you need a good internet connection and a computer with camera. A link will be sent for you to join the virtual classroom. It's all very easy, and the good news is that you can join us from anywhere in the world! (lessons are UK time).

The weekly programme looks like this*:

- Mondays & Tuesdays, Latin Core with Jasmin Ford. This class will get your heart rate going, strengthen your core and sculpt your body. Using movements from Pilates, ballet barre, and yoga with a bit of circuit training thrown in, all set to music from the Latin world, the session is guaranteed to lift your spirits (as well as your bottom!).

- Wednesdays, Flamenco Fitness with Susana Campesino. If you love flamenco music, this is a must! This class is perfect to tone your arms, work on your posture, and get fit with the elegant moves of Flamenco dance. 

- Thursdays, Latin Beats with Zaira López. In this class you will embark in a rhythmic and movement journey through the beats of Spain and Latin America. You will increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and smiles!

- Fridays, Ballet Fitness with Susana Campesino. Dancing to Spanish tunes, Susana will bring the elasticity and beauty of ballet to the fitness arena, allowing you to stretch,  breath, elongate and work on coordination. A perfect closure to your week!
(*In case of a cover, the music and content of the class might change, but the essence and quality of the programme will still be there!).

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Our Instructors

All of our instructors are fully qualified and have professional credentials in a variety of dance and fitness areas. They come from all over Spain and Latin America, offering students a diverse and well-rounded fitness experience. Check out the profiles of all of our amazing teachers and contributors on the staff page.


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