Beginner 3 Spanish Course

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Beginner 3 Spanish Course

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Course Description

Your novice days are almost behind you! Our Beginners 3 Spanish course (A1.3) in London is designed for beginner Spanish students with an equivalent of 30 hours of study behind them. At this stage in your studies, you are already able to speak and understand the language under concrete but less controlled situations and you can give basic opinions. 

Our teachers are all native and completely professional providing you with a safe and welcoming learning environment. You can look forward to personalised feedback at every step of your progress, creating a bespoke and unique experience for all. Missed a lesson? No worries! Any resources used in the class are all uploaded to our handy platform that you can access via our online portal.

In our fun and engaging lessons you will learn:

  • to express likes and dislikes, make choices, and to agree or disagree with others
  • to talk about the weather
  • to talk about basic daily routines in specific times
  • to buy clothes in a shop
  • to get around a city, give directions, find the best tapas, and schedule plan

This Spanish for beginners course is completed over 10 weeks and is comprised of 15 hours of Spanish studies.

*Spring Bank Holidays

Closed Dates & Times Make-up Dates & Time
Monday 25th May - 18:15 Saturday 30th May - 11:00
Monday 25th May - 19:50 Saturday 30th May - 13:00

** Corona Update
These are the scenarios we could face and the solutions we can offer:

A) If we must close our doors for a brief period of time, we will continue offering courses on the same schedule, virtually. We feel confident that we can deliver the same great outcomes as with a physical class, however, if after attending class in this format you find you are falling behind, we will assess your case and offer complimentary catch-up options.

B) If during normal operations, you are unable to attend more than 2 classes in the upcoming term due to this situation (self-isolation, illness, etc), we will defer your course fee to any upcoming 2020 course. All students miss on average 2 lessons per term and can successfully complete their course, which is why we are offering this deferral option after more than 2 absences.

We kindly ask everyone to practice good hygiene and refrain from coming to class if unwell.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Teachers

All of our teachers are fully qualified and have professional teaching degrees in their fields. They come from all over Spain and Latin America, offering students a diverse and well-rounded learning experience. Check out the profiles of all of our amazing teachers and contributors on the staff page.


  • 99 Lavender Hill - Unit 1
  • London
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • 020 3095 7382

About Battersea Spanish School

Battersea Spanish is a Spanish language school and Spanish & Latin Cultural Centre in Southwest London where Londoners can learn the language and immerse themselves in the culture of Spain and Latin America. We offer Spanish Classes for Beginners and all other levels, Dance Classes, including Salsa, Flamenco and other Latin rhythms, as well as lessons for kids of all ages.

We also provide tailored private Spanish lessons and Spanish courses for intermediate and more advanced speakers.  We were voted Best Spanish School in the UK by Latin UK Awards.

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