B2 Upper Intermediate Spanish Grammar course

  • Thursdays
  • Time: 19:50 - 21:20
  • Starting: Oct 10th
  • Length: 10 Weeks
  • Price: 250 GBP inc VAT and all materials
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B2 Upper Intermediate Spanish Grammar course

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Course Discussion

Course Description

You are almost there in your road to fluency! Our B2 Upper Intermediate Spanish Grammar course in London is designed for students at B2 level (students who have completed Intermediate 3 with us), who are ready to jump into a clarifying exploration of the key grammatical elements that will allow them to get closer to the fluency goal.

Our teachers are all native and completely professional providing you with a safe and welcoming learning environment. You can look forward to personalised feedback at every step of your progress, creating a bespoke and unique experience for all. Missed a lesson? No worries! Any resources used in the class are all uploaded to our handy platform that you can access via our online portal. You can even arrange a catch-up class with your teacher subject to their availability by clicking here.

  • develop a deep understanding of the contrasted and combined use of the past tenses: pretérito perfecto (he hablado), pretérito indefinido (hablé), pretérito imperfecto (hablaba), and pretérito pluscuamperfecto (había hablado).
  •  enhance your understanding of other relevant structures such as ser and estar, direct and indirect object pronouns, positive and negative imperatives.
  • master the use of present and past subjunctive.

This B2 Upper Intermediate Spanish Grammar course is completed over 10 weeks and is comprised of 15 hours of Spanish studies.

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Camila Merlo

¡Hola! My name is Camila and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have always been passionate about language and literature, which is why I studied Letras at Universidad de Buenos Aires. Teaching my language and transmitting my culture is one of the things that I enjoy the most because it is about creating bonds between people through communication. In my free time, I love going for a walk in a park while drinking mate, playing football with my friends and, of course, watching a good film. Saludos and I look forward to meeting you in Battersea Spanish!


  • 99 Lavender Hill - Unit 1
  • London
  • London
  • United Kingdom
  • 020 3095 7382

About Battersea Spanish School

Battersea Spanish is a Spanish language school and Spanish & Latin Cultural Centre in Southwest London where Londoners can learn the language and immerse themselves in the culture of Spain and Latin America. We offer Spanish Classes for Beginners and all other levels, Dance Classes, including Salsa, Flamenco and other Latin rhythms, as well as lessons for kids of all ages.

We also provide tailored private Spanish lessons and Spanish courses for intermediate and more advanced speakers.  We were voted Best Spanish School in the UK by Latin UK Awards.

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