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The Best Way To Learn Spanish: Music

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The Best Way To Learn Spanish: Music

spanish music vinyls

Music is such a universal thing, often you don’t even need to know what the lyrics mean to enjoy the song. Though, it can help obviously!

For example, one of the best ways to learn Spanish is through music. In fact, the Spanish culture is loved for their vibrant and happy music, ranging from dance music Reggaetón to their traditional flamenco.

Engaging with a culture’s sound is a really fun way to supplement our Spanish for beginners course. While you’re practising your vocabulary, you may as well do it through the enjoyment of music. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to understand the words in a certain context. A big help when a beginner in any language.

So, if you’re ready to better your Spanish lingo through some good tunes, below is a list of our favourite songs for learning Spanish through music.

Agua – Jarabe de Palo

The first song on our list is this one by a Spanish rock group called Jarabe de Palo. The song has a very wonderful video on YouTube that includes some fantastic subtitles in both Spanish and English. This makes it extremely easy to match the corresponding words to one another, resulting in a sneaky beginner’s Spanish lesson!

This song is loved for its easy tune and the clarity with which the words are sung, making it a perfect choice for anyone to follow along to.

Carito – Carlos Vives

This one makes it onto our list because it’s one of the most loved songs for its catchy tune and, again, the clarity with which the words are sung. 

It refers to a schoolboy who has a crush on his teacher, Carito. You’ll find many references to school and learning in the song, which you can throw around in your beginner’s class and impress your teacher – bonus points!

Macarena – Los del Rio

As we’ve mentioned, one of the best ways to learn Spanish is through music but if you include dance too, you’ve got a winning combo that will make remembering phrases and words that much easier.

When you move and sing, your brain will begin to associate the sounds and movements to the Spanish words and you won’t even realise it’s happening.

The Macarena song by Los del Rio is still a huge hit to this day. It is played at many parties around the world and manages to get people moving on the dancefloor with its universally entertaining moves.

For anyone starting out with beginner’s Spanish, this is a song you should listen to and take note of. It’s a really fun way to learn the language and you can enjoy it with friends and family too.

Quiero – Malú

For our fourth choice we’ve got Quiero by Malú. This song is all about pursuing your dreams and not giving up. Listening to songs that touch on inspirational topics such as this are undoubtedly some of the best ways to learn Spanish. They can become extremely memorable because of the sentimental elements.

This song in particular is a really good one for learning important verbs like “I want” and “I can”. After listening to it a couple of times, you’ll definitely be able to catch on quickly.


There are so many more Spanish songs for you to choose from that are full of good beats and meaningful words.

Grab your earphones and get acquainted with the ones we’ve mentioned. Why not impress your new beginner’s Spanish teacher with some quality verbs and phrases learnt from the lyrics? They will love it!