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Best Way To Learn Spanish: Food

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Best Way To Learn Spanish: Food

It’s no secret that food is a massive part of Spanish culture. Most Spanish celebrations take place centred around food. Whether it’s a religious festival, a cultural one, or just a personal family get-together, you know that there will be no scarcity of good food and chatter.

Though the food isn’t just loved for its taste alone! Enjoying and talking about food is simply one of the best ways to learn Spanish. Seeing as food is such a significant part of our everyday lives, combining a language and that country’s cuisine can be a fantastic way to become fully immersed with the culture as a whole. 

At the moment, learning a language may be the last thing on your mind, but we think that learning through immersion is the best way to learn Spanish! Especially while perhaps you’re waiting for the new term of our Spanish lessons in London, or you’re self-isolating, or would rather stay at home.

Learning through an everyday activity such as cooking, you can easily join in with the Spanish culture and get to grips with the language! So, here are some of our favourite ways to do just that. 

best way to learn spanish, using food

Cook Traditional Spanish Recipes At Home

While everyone is at home right now, one of the best things to do is cook delicious food. Our advice is to get some traditional Spanish recipes and try your hand at creating a feast for your family!

Cooking is such an interactive activity and a fun way to spend time together. Choose some of your favourite recipes, or the ones you like the sound of, and get your whole family involved. 

The fun thing with this is that you can practice all the ingredients names in Spanish, and the cooking method as you go. It is such a simple yet effective way to better your vocabulary. 


List Places You’d Like To Eat At When Lockdown Ends

Lockdown won’t last forever. A fun way to pass the time and get excited about life after lockdown is to find the exciting places you want to visit once we’re allowed.

For some incredible Spanish flair, The Tapas Room in our Battersea Spanish headquarters is a perfect place to add to the top of your list. What’s unique about The Tapas Room is that it’s the ideal environment to whip out your Spanish and impress those around you.

Especially once our beginner Spanish classes resume, The Tapas Room can become a space for you to relax before or after your lessons, chatting to your classmates over good food and wine – all while speaking Spanish, of course. It certainly sounds like the best way to learn Spanish to us! 


Create Your Own Recipe Book

While we think the best way to learn Spanish is while cooking Spanish food and immersing yourself in the culture as a whole, you can’t go wrong with taking it a step further! 

Once you’ve found your favourite recipes and tried them with your family, start putting together a recipe book that you can go back to whenever you want. This is incredibly effective in learning the language – physically writing down the words is a level up on just reading them.

When you physically write down words, your brain grasps them faster. Plus, you can get super creative (if that’s your thing) and mimic your recipe book to the Spanish flag’s colours, style, and anything else representing the culture. 


Put Together Shopping Lists In Spanish

As a way to make the mundane things interesting, start writing out your shopping lists in Spanish as well! Not only will you be testing yourself throughout, but you’ll also have a lot more fun doing this supermarket shop than any of your past ones!

Seeing as one of the best ways to learn Spanish is through food, you may as well get a head start by practising before you even begin cooking. Shopping lists are also often relatively short and straightforward. Start today, and challenge yourself!


If you try any of these ideas during this lockdown, you will likely wow everyone once Spanish lessons begin again.

Food is such an integral part of our lives, so using it as an opportunity to become even more immersed and familiar with the Spanish language is the best way to learn Spanish for sure. It’s a fantastic way to broaden your skills and fast track you to fluency!

Happy cooking!