The Best Spanish Things To Do In London During Lockdown

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The Best Spanish Things To Do In London During Lockdown

One of the best ways to become immersed in the Spanish culture is by finding events that you can attend even if you live in London. You won’t even realise that you’re learning Spanish or absorbing the more delicate details of Spanish culture, because you’ll be too preoccupied with the fun of it all.

While COVID has made it very difficult for many events to occur and continues to do so, you can still find socially-distanced ones that will be special in a different way. This is also true for finding memorable events and occasions to line up for when this second lockdown ends. 

Whether you’re looking for events to join just for the fun of it or to discover more of the beautiful culture, here are some of the best Spanish things to do in London right now that we know you’ll love once we’re out and about after this lockdown – it’s good to have something to look forward to! 

best spanish things to do in london during lockdown

1. Socially Distanced Flamenco Classes 

What’s better than music and dance? And when it comes to a dance that is as joyful as it is beautiful and skilled, we can’t think of anything better than Flamenco. It’s the perfect pick up for 2021!

All our Flamenco classes are taking place with the latest Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions in place. But because we have access to our fantastic new venue, we can ensure that you get your Flamenco fix with an absolute peace of mind with a large, airy dance studio.

Whether you’re a complete Flamenco beginner and have never set foot on a Flamenco dance floor before, or you’re a true Flamenca or Flamenco and are just looking for some extra practice, our lessons can cater perfectly to you! 

But if learning online is your preference, we can help there too! Many of our Flamenco lessons are available entirely online, so you can learn from world-class instructors in the comfort of your own home.

Creating a sense of community has never been more critical, so this is why we think joining our Flamenco classes is one of the best Spanish things to do in London right now.

2. Spanish Classics Cookery Class

If you’re a lover of delicious food and Spanish cuisine, in particular, this event is for you. The Spanish Classics Cookery Class is set to take place on the 3rd March 2021!

Spend three hours mastering the fantastic art of a few Spanish dishes, in a small but socially distanced group to ensure the best learning opportunity with regards to all the latest regulations. 

From Potato and Chorizo Tortilla to Valencian Paella and Crema Catalana, you will leave feeling inspired, probably rather full and ready to wow your own family and friends!

3. Online Spanish Book Club

If you enjoy a classic book club get-together, you may love the online version even more. 

On the 29th January 2021, join Battersea Spanish in our very own Spanish Book Club in London, 2021 style. You can participate online, with connections supported by Zoom to enjoy wherever you are; or come along and get involved with our face to face reading club (socially distanced, of course). 

Why not stay afterwards to chat with fellow reading club enthusiasts and enjoy some time in our in-house tapas bar, The Tapas Room?

The book to be discussed is the most recent novel by the surprising Argentine writer Samanta Schweblin, “Kentukis”. Kentukis is a dazzling novel that enhances its meaning far beyond the attraction it generates from its pages. We guarantee you’ll love it!

For those of you who are captivated by literature and are eager to get more involved in Spanish literature too, this is a wonderful way to practice your fluency and dialogue while talking through themes and characters. 

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, meaning you can rest assured knowing you’re guaranteed to have a brilliant time.

4. Arts & Visual Culture

Explore the incredible world of Spanish art and take a look at the upcoming art exhibitions and visual arts events taking place in London! These events have been highlighted by Spain Arts & Culture in association with the Embassy of Spain in London, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Why not take a look at The Great Conspiracy, ‘a virtual exhibition in response to the difficulties faced by the visual arts concerning the Covid-19 crisis’. The exhibition brings together experimental work designed explicitly for this virtual medium by a selection of incredible artists, including Agnès Pe, Clara Montoya, Francesc Ruiz, Marc Vives and Paco Chanivet.

This is an initiative from Spain’s Royal Academy in Rome, and each work created and displayed is designed to be contemplated on digital devices from anywhere with an internet connection.

Plus, this event is online – so you can’t get more socially distanced than that! This is an excellent and very topical event, which will be incredibly stimulating and not one to miss. 

This cultural explosion will be incredibly beneficial if you love learning about different people, backgrounds, and experiences. So it’s naturally one of the best Spanish things to do in London right now!


COVID has certainly made social events and fun activities difficult, but there are still options for you to choose from where you can be safe and enjoy the incredible culture this city has to offer.

All that’s left to do is take your pick from these, some of the best Spanish things to do in London this year, and prepare for some memorable and, undeniably, dazzling evenings ahead!