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Are Intensive Language Courses Effective?

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Are Intensive Language Courses Effective?

When it comes to the question, ‘are intensive language courses effective?’ there are many reasons why you might choose a shorter, more intense class structure over a longer one. And we’re here to explore these reasons with you!

The famous saying “slow and steady wins the race” may not be the case for students in intensive language courses. Though there’s (usually) no real race when it comes to learning a language, there are compelling reasons why people choose intensive courses over standard ones. 

In a way, you could think of learning a language as a Maths problem. To go from being an absolute beginner to fluent speaker takes just over 1,000 hours according to the Common European Framework (CEFR). Not all of those hours need to be classroom hours, however, so it’s also essential to think about how many hours you can expose yourself to the language outside of class. 

An intensive Spanish course online can be beneficial to rack up a number of theory hours quickly. Equally important is finding ways to accumulate ‘practice’ hours so that theory is put to use. For more experienced learners, an intensive course can be a great way to reawaken past skills gained. 

Whatever stance you take, intensive language courses will be useful for if you ever need to supplement your existing Spanish knowledge or get a quick head start.

These are just the first few forrays into the question ‘are intensive language courses effective’; so keep reading to find out our verdict!

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Learn In A Shorter Time Frame

The most immediate response to ‘are intensive language courses effective?’ is, yes, if you’re ready! These courses are held over a much shorter time frame than many ‘regular’ language courses, and as such usually involve much more demanding course content to get you on your feet and speaking the language quicker than usual. As we mentioned, not everyone will see this as a positive.

Yet for others, a course that takes half the time and covers everything that a standard class does anyway may be more appealing. Specifically, if you have time constraints, or even if you’re simply a naturally fast learner.

For this kind of course to be beneficial, the ability to learn quickly and grasp things instantly is a necessity. 

Frequent Class Time

While the overall class duration might not be too long, the higher frequency of classes throughout the week will be a significant advantage for keeping your mind focused on the language and allow you less time to forget. 

With less intensive classes, if you aren’t practising in your own time, the days between each of your Spanish lessons, whether you’re a beginner or not, can be a disadvantage. Having the discipline to practise your dialogue and vocabulary between classes is vital when wanting to become fluent!

So, are intensive language courses effective? Again, yes, if you’ve got the hours to put into more frequent class time.

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Increased Immersion With The Spanish Language

One of the most significant benefits of intensive language courses is the extent to which you are immersed in the language. Because these courses are so quick-paced, you are obliged to learn and remember at an equally fast pace.

In fact, because of the nature of intensive courses, you have no choice but to become comfortable with the language. The quicker this is understood, the better! From here, you can move forward and enjoy the feeling of being so fully immersed within the Spanish language.

Daily Interaction, Conversing, And Listening

As with the benefits of having classes more frequently, intensive language courses will also expose you to daily conversation and practice that you may not have received otherwise. The good thing about this is that the variety of your learning material will be great and captivating, helping you to retain more.

It’s often said that the best way to learn is to do, and that’s precisely what an intensive language course requires. Surrounding yourself with the language and culture daily, however, is just another way in which your participation in this kind of learning will be advantageous.


One Thing To Keep In Mind

One point that you should take note of is that intensive language courses are typically better suited to students who will be consistently speaking the language the moment they begin the course. Because of the fast-paced nature of these courses, implementing what you have learned outside of the classroom is crucial.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or get left behind, so it’s essential to know whether or not you will be able to be dedicated to immerse yourself fully and get in the practice necessary.

Intensive language courses may demand a little more from you and can appear intimidating, but if you put your mind to it and consider yourself a quick learner, it might just be the route for you. 

So, when considering the question ‘are intensive language courses effective?’ our verdict is that, yes they are! Though that’s not to say it’s an easier path to take. However, once you’ve mastered the beautiful Spanish language and are confident in all settings, you’ll feel delighted that you took the plunge and challenged your mind through an intensive language course! 

Why not satisfy your curiosity, and take a look at our Spanish lessons for beginners? We cater to learners of all levels, however, so there will be a course that’s perfect for you!