5 Ways To Enjoy Spanish Culture in London

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5 Ways To Enjoy Spanish Culture In London

When you think of the Spanish culture, London is almost one of the first places (aside from Spain, naturally!) that comes to mind. With a rich, diverse population and many opportunities to dive into the Spanish culture, history, and arts, we can’t think of anywhere better to hone your understanding of Spanish culture and get to know its depth!

When learning the Spanish language, it’s wise to immerse yourself in Spanish culture in every way possible to aid your understanding of the language. In London, there’s plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Taking part in these activities will bring the language to life. While travel to Spain might not be possible at the moment, there’s no reason you can’t bring a little spice to the British springtime and get involved with our Spanish courses – we’re bringing the Spanish culture to London! 

Check out our top 5 ways to get involved with Spanish culture right here in the City of London! 

Everything we’ve suggested is with the latest Covid-19 guidelines in place – so you can get involved with the gorgeous Spanish culture in London with complete peace of mind. 


Try Out Spanish Cooking

Arguably the most important part of a country’s culture is its food. Spain is renowned worldwide for its tasty cuisine. Perhaps you thought of delicious paella, tortilla or Catalana? Immersive yourself in this delectable lifestyle by attending a Spanish cooking class and learn to cook like a native. 

Getting involved with cooking Spanish food is a great way to get a taste of Spanish culture in London, as it’s a social activity where you can learn more from your Spanish chef, not to mention the delicious food!

Plus, all these events are held with the latest Covid-19 guidelines in mind so that you can be safe in the knowledge that while you’re cooking up a storm, you’re staying socially distanced and safe! 


Attend a Flamenco Class

One of the best ways to physically involve yourself in Spanish culture in London is taking a Flamenco class, which is considered an art form based on southern Spain’s music traditions. Not only is this an excellent opportunity to keep fit, but it also encourages you to let off some emotional steam and work on your mind and body coordination. 

Plus, many of our Flamenco classes are held online or in-person at the moment! So there’s plenty of opportunities for you to meet new people, try your feet at this gorgeous dance and have fun doing so.

If you want to learn about Spanish culture, then Flamenco is a great place to start. Plus, knowing the Spanish language is very beneficial to your performance when it comes to Flamenco – it all creates one big picture when you can feel the emotions of this passionate dance.

During the class, you may also connect with others who are learning Spanish, which will allow you to practice your language with them, too!


See a Spanish Play

The Cervantes Theatre, located under the railway arches in Southwark, has Spanish and English spoken plays based on Spanish novels in an intimate theatre setting. 

While they remain closed at the moment (but are reopening again in June!) there is a wealth of digital content, discussions and exciting opportunities to engage with playwrights and their wonderful productions – but now that the theatre is open again why not check out the latest performance and book yourself some culture for June!

This is a perfect opportunity to get involved with Spanish culture and hear from some of the most prominent figures from Spain’s theatre scene.


Visit a Spanish Restaurant

The traditional cuisine of Spain is called Tapas, and it is the means of eating food in lots of small portions. The courses are served as individual appetizers, samples of each dish, you might say. 

This food has become very popular in the UK as friends chat over a glass of wine while ordering many different dishes, and as a result, there are plenty of restaurants that serve it in London. 

The Tapas Room is a popular choice, and they have several different restaurants based around London, so you can eat wherever is most convenient. Offering a variety of authentic Spanish beverages, meat, fish and vegetable dishes, there will be something for everyone at this classic restaurant. 

We’ve even got our amazing Tapas Room which is fully integrated with our Battersea headquarters! You can even bring them into our Spanish courses, which are kick-starting again just in time for summer…

All our Spanish courses will be structured with the latest Covid-19 guidelines in mind to ensure that our award-winning courses run as smoothly as ever! 


Check Out Some Spanish Artwork

When you think of Spanish culture, London is one of the best places to get involved with the rich history and arts that Spain is renowned for – aside from Spain itself, of course! With numerous museums and galleries, you can immerse yourself in some of the finest masterpieces that Spanish artists have created.

But with many museums around the world having to ensure that culture-lovers can still access their gorgeous works of art, many of these museums are hosting virtual tours. So why not check out museums in Spain? 

The Prado Museum in Madrid hosts a virtual tour of its exquisite art, which is a must-see! This is a chance to see some of the most beautiful artworks from Spanish artists that you might not have seen otherwise.

There are many more virtual tours and online exhibitions that museums in Spain are hosting, which you can visit from the comfort of your own home! See them here.


And really, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the rich Spanish culture London has to offer, whether that’s immersing yourself in Spanish art or enjoying Spanish food, there’s something for everyone! 

Here at Battersea Spanish, we strongly recommend that you participate in the activities mentioned alongside your Spanish for beginners course. Although learning in a classroom can be effective, immersion is proven to be enormously helpful for beginners who need to understand the culture of the language you’re studying. Pasalo bien!