5 Of The Best Spanish Study Books

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5 Of The Best Spanish Study Books

Deciding to learn Spanish can be a daunting thought, but so is every growth-focused decision in life. The best thing to do is just to start!

The beauty of learning a new language is the cultural influence and knowledge that comes with it. 

Nowadays, there are so many fun resources available for all kinds of learning. One of which is study books; a fantastic way to practice Spanish. Plus, using study books will only benefit you when joining our Spanish for beginners course!

We’ve compiled a list of our 5 best Spanish study books that will get you well on your way to becoming a Spanish expert – and having fun while doing it.


Madrigal’s Magic Key To Spanish

This book has been praised for the logical way it flows and its success in helper readers to understand correct pronunciation and grammar rules.

Interestingly, this book was originally written in the 1950s! Though, the fact that it’s still so well-loved is a testament to its value.

A fascinating portion of this book is dedicated to the fact that many Spanish words can be recognised in English. For any beginner, this is undoubtedly a comforting thought. Utilising the 45 lessons presented in this book alongside our Spanish courses will increase your understanding and get you even more eager (the fun illustrations in the book help).


First Spanish Reader

While conventionally, this might not be seen as a study book, it undoubtedly helps with vocabulary and dialogue nonetheless. This one of the best Spanish study books you can choose as a beginner because it includes both the Spanish and English versions of classic Spanish stories.

With Spanish on one side and English on the opposite, following along and fully grasping the story is more straightforward. Besides, who doesn’t love when a good, classic tale can be involved in learning?


52 Weeks Of Family Spanish

Another fun way to practice is to incorporate your learning into your everyday life. Becoming confident in your speaking and pronunciation is increased the more you do it.

52 Weeks Of Family Spanish is an interactive way to work on your Spanish while getting the family involved.

The nice thing about this book is that it considers our modern way of life and adjusts the language accordingly. And even if it’s only you in the family who is serious about the language, involving other people is still an entertaining and fresh take on studying. This makes it one of the best Spanish study books for everyone!


The Ultimate Spanish Review And Practice

For intermediate students, The Ultimate Spanish Review And Practice is a fantastic resource for perfecting your grammar and further building your confidence.

The grammar rules are explained with dynamic examples, making the reading an enjoyable process. Additionally, a lot of the instructions are written in Spanish. When you’re at an intermediate level, this is a great way to challenge yourself and gauge your progress.


501 Spanish Verbs

The verb conjugation is a challenging aspect of learning a language. 501 Spanish Verbs takes the 501 most popular verbs in Spanish and breaks down the conjugation.

This area is an essential part of speaking, writing, and understanding Spanish. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, grasping how and why verbs appear in various forms and contexts is extremely important.

This book has been a favourite for many years and is still considered an incredible tool for Spanish learners, so of course, it had to make our list of some of the best Spanish study books out there. 


Reading study books in addition to joining our Spanish courses will help you excel in your language-learning journey. The exciting thing about these book suggestions is the variety of choice and the fun activities included inside most. Choose any of these, and you’ll be ready to dive into this gorgeous language! 

So, take your pick of these, our chosen best Spanish study books, and happy reading!